When you decide to sell your house, you definitely want to get the most value from your most prized asset. This means that you should be willing to go an extra mile to attract buyers to your home. There are numerous ways of adding value to your home before selling it. Here are some simple yet effective tips brought to you by quick sale experts Ready Steady Sell:

  • Clean and declutter your home – It is believed that it only takes seven seconds to make the all-important first impression. Therefore, take time to clean all the rooms from the ceiling to the floor. Get rid of clutter so that your house does not look messy. This will leave your home looking more spacious and inviting.
  • Apply a new lick of paint – Applying a new lick of paint on the exterior of your home will go a long ways especially when taking professional photographs for marketing your home. You will be surprised at how many prospective buyers will be attracted to your home. You can also give the interior a fresh lick of paint, preferably neutral creams and whites. Just be sure to remove all your personal photos before painting.
  • Spruce up both the front and back gardens – Great outdoor spaces and gardens are hard to come by meaning they are much sought after by buyers. Consider doing simple things like clearing the leaves, cutting the grass and pruning the plants as this will add more value to your home. In addition, ensure that you do not have any clothes on the line during a viewing.
  • Restore the front door – A fresh looking front door is definitely inviting to prospective buyers. A clean front door will also suggest that the property has been taken care of well. The good thing about freshening the front door is that it does not require a lot of effort. Even then, be sure to stick to the neutral colours.
  • Make your room bright and neutral – You need to keep the floor dark and the wall bright, as this will make the floor appear to expand. You could also introduce mirrors in dark rooms because they will reflect light all around the room. Painting the rooms in neutral colours will also help the room to feel lighter and larger. Ensure that any foliage around the area of the window is trimmed.
  • Put the heater on or light up the fireplace – If you are selling your house during winter, it is important to get the house to be warm and cosy before viewings as this makes it welcoming while also giving it a feeling of safety. Even then, the heat should not be overbearing.
  • Install modern light switches – Modern light switches are cheap yet they can add value to your home instantly. Be sure to get a qualified electrician to do the installation for you. You may also consider adding a dimmer switch to your lights to give the room a more mellow vibe that will get potential buyers to relax.

Adding value to your home doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking. Just look at your house through the eyes of a buyer and get a handyman fix those things that you would be drawn to if you were the one buying the property.

7 Secrets to Add Value to your Home before Selling